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The eye is always moist due to the action of the tears; these tears are produce permanently and by lubricating the eye they allow an excellent vision and great comfort.

In occasions there is a diminution of said tears, this can be due to diseases, as a secondary effect to medication and frequently due to hormonal secondary changes during menopause.

If the diminution is light, the eye only requires the use of artificial tears in order to keep it adequately moist; but when the dryness is moderate to severe, said eye drops are not sufficient and the person presents multiple bothers (burning, feeling of a strange body, intolerance to wind and air conditioner, desire to keep the eyes closed).

In order to counteract this problem, we can resource to diverse strategies:

  • Use medication such as Cyclosporine which avoids that the body's defense system attacks the tear producing glands.

  • To close the tears drainage system: Tears come out of the eyes through 2 small holes called tear spots. By occluding the tear spots or points we force the tears to remain longer in the eye, compensating like this the diminution and improving the comfort. Initially we occlude the inferior tear spots and if necessary, then we do it to the upper tears spots.

A. Tear tampons: these tampons occlude the tears spots, temporarily or permanently according to the need of the patient.

A tampon is placed initially during 7 days in order to observe its effect and if the results are the expected ones, we proceed to place the permanent tampons.

B. Occlusion of the tear spots with laser: This is carried out in severe diseases of the arthritis type or Sjogren Syndrome, stabilizing the eye.

All of these procedures ha presented a revolution in the management of this problem achieving the recovery of the visual health to many patients.


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