Cataracts Surgery
Advanced Techniques

Our Clinic has its own headquarters with 2 surgery rooms specialized and furnished with the highest technology for the performance of  ambulatory ocular surgery, in other words, the patient after recovery can go back to his/her normal life on the same day without any type of hospitalization.

The majority of our surgical procedures are carried out under local or general anesthesia according to the needs of each patient


Our Clinic has the most advanced equipment for cataract surgery in the phaco-emulsification technology and it is the pioneer in this surgery with micro-incision techniques (Mics), in which the intra-ocular lens is introduced through a incision of 1.7 millimeters.

Our clinic counts with the most advanced German technology in the implant of mono-focal and multi-focal lenses implant guaranteeing optimal results and an excellent quality of life.


Cataracts occur as a part of the normal ageing process. Scientific studies show that virtually everyone past 65 years of age develop some form of cataracts in their eyes.  This occurs because the crystalline, natural eye lens, turns opaque reducing vision.

Many years ago cataracts were a cause of blindness, and presently they greatly reduce the vision.

There is no known way to prevent the formation of cataracts developed with age, however, it has also been associated with the exposure to ultraviolet radiation, particularly from the sun.

Fortunately, modern surgical techniques, the implant of intra-ocular lenses with ambulatory surgery (of one day) and with local anesthesia, provide a safe, fast and effective solution.

More than 50 per cent of people over the age of 60 and some younger ones still suffer from cataracts. Cataracts are so common that it is said that everyone will suffer from them if they live long enough.



Through cataract surgery, this opaque lens, is removed through a very successful procedure.  A small incision is made and with the use of a probe and a phaco-emulsifier the cataract is destroyed and suctioned out, in its place an intra-ocular lens is implanted.

With this lens the requirement for eye glasses and contact lenses is reduced.

Cataract surgery has evolved toward micro-incisions giving advantages in the recovery therefore much faster.  The results are almost immediate. The patients can even have a bland diet immediately after surgery.

The Clínica Láser de Ojos, at the par with the most prestigious world centers counts with the latest technology in the treatment of cataract with phaco-emulsification through the innovative technique of micro-incision (Mics) and lens implant of the most advanced technology either mono-focal or bifocals according to the needs of each patient.

Your cataract will be extracted through an advanced technique called phaco-emulsification, or cataract surgery of short incision.  After local anesthesia is applied, an “interval” incision of approximately 1.7 millimeters is made in the front part of the eye. The cataract is then divided in microscopic particles, using high energy ultra sound waves.


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