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The Journal of Refractive Surgery (J. Refract. Surg 2002;18:454-459), official information entity for the International Society of Refractive Surgery presented the results of a survey carried out on Lasik with Excimer Laser on refractive surgery patients.

The survey established that after the correction, 95% of the patients did not require lenses . The 5% that used lenses originally had elevated defects and in reality had a minimum residual and used lenses occasionally. None of the patients in the survey needed to use contact lenses after the correction.

When asked about present discomfort, a low percentage referred to difficulties at night or with light, defect which in many cases already existed prior to the correction.

Most of the cases (98.5%) answered that they would have the procedure again . Curiously, 1.5% of the cases answered that they would not have the procedure, that they had excellent vision and were satisfied with the results; apparently, the reason for the rejection was fear. Concluding, 99% of the patients are satisfied with the Lasik results.

The experience at the Clínica Laser de Ojos (Eye Laser Clinic) is that the correction with laser to eliminate the dependency on eye glasses or lenses allows a better quality of life, without limitations.


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