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Since several decades ago intraocular lenses have been used to replace the opaque crystalline (cataracts).

Traditionally, the lenses were monofocal, in other words, they for near sight or distant sight. If they were used for distant sight, the person had to use eye glasses for near sight.

Later on bifocals were introduced, although these lenses allowed an acceptable vision for distances and close sight, many times they would induce severe bothers with lights (halos) and a marked insecurity to drive at night, since the vision was reduced when a car with strong head lights came on the other side of the road (sensibility to contrast).

Recently the multifocal lenses were introduced, allowing an excellent vision from a distance to near sight, minimizing the bothers and allowing to drive safely at night.

These lenses allow the person to recover a close sight from 20 up until 60 centimeters and an excellent long distant sight.

At present time we are using the lenses made by the German Company Acritec, pioneer in the development of multifocal lenses.

This is how our patients benefit from the latest developments and innovations.


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