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The Clínica Láser de Ojos has the most advanced diagnosis, treatment and ocular surgery equipment, as well as ophthalmologic consultation services, optometry and adaptation of contact lenses

• Ophthalmologic Consultation.
• Optometry Consultation.
• Diagnosis Exams.
• Lasers for Ocular Treatment.
• Rehabilitation Service for Poor Vision.
• Ocular Physical Therapy Service. (Orthoptic)
• Optical Services and Contact Lenses, Eye Glasses and Bifocal  Adaptation.


We have two operating rooms with state of the art ophthalmologic technology.

• Cataract Surgery with Phaco-emulsification and micro-incision.
• Pterygium Surgery.
• Cornea Transplant.
• Vitreous and Retina Surgery.
• Ocular Plastic Surgery.
• Glaucoma Surgery.
• Strabismus Surgery.
• Eye Lid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)


• Angiography.
• Photocoagulant Laser.
• Photograph and Documentation of the Anterior Segment.
• Ocular A/B Echography, High Resolution and Standard.
• Static Perimeter.
• Corneal Topography.
• Corneal Aberrometry.



Equipment for the diagnosis and analysis of the retina, pigmentation and circulation used in management and treatment of diabetic retinopathy, arterial hypertension, retina diseases,  toxoplasmosis and other diseases of the eyeground.


Our clinic has the latest laser model the 532 nm, used in the treatment of the retina as well as glaucoma.



The latest Laser Yag 1.064 QS is available in our Clinic allowing procedures such as capsuletomy e iridotomy with high precision.


- High resolution echography.
- Standard echography.

Our clinic counts with the most advanced ocular echography equipment Cinescan S made by the French company “Quantel Medical” with a high frequency probe, and the only one in the city capable of carrying out standardized echography.


It determines the corneal curve and allows the evaluation of the cornea for refractive surgery, as well as the diagnosis for diseases such as Keratoconus.




It determines the size of the eye (biometrics) using a gel as interphase eliminating the operator’s errors.


The eye size is determined applying a probe to the cornea.


Determines the corneal thickness, critical in the determination of ocular pressure and the study for the  Lasik.


Used to determine the state of the peripheral vision of the eye.  Used in the study and diagnosis of glaucoma and neurological problems.


Adaptation of magnifying lenses, magnifying glasses and electronic devices to improve the vision of patients affected by ocular damage.


Equipment for the treatment of amblyopia (insufficient development of vision in one eye)

Treatment of the problem of eye alignment.

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