Leaders in Lasik refractive surgery, for myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia, presbyopia and prelex.  

"In the years that I have been suffering from the problem called "Steven Johnson", it is the first time that I feel so much improvement. My life has improved immensely. I finally have hope in the treatment of my sickness, since no other ophthalmologist had been able to obtain such great improvement as Dr. Carlos Saldarriaga did.

I thank God for having known not only a doctor but a human being with so many qualities and above all with love for his work and most of all for his patients.


"I am a happy man for the first time after many years I have recuperated my eye near and far sight with no dependency from eye glasses. Dr. Carlos Saldarriaga operated on me and placed bifocal lenses allowing me to carry out my activities free of eye glasses or contact lenses. Thank you doctor."


"Thanks to Dr. Carlos Saldarriaga who with his dedication and experience gave me a 20/20 vision without eye glasses after a Lasik surgery. His attention and care were excellent."

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