Laser Surgery - Lasik


Approximately 20 years ago, the Clínica Láser under the leadership of renown Dr. Carlos Saldarriaga Restrepo introduced in Medellin the refractive surgery for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

Throughout the years new treatment modalities have been introduced such as Radial Keratotomy (QR), Astigmatic Keratotomy (QA), peripheral semi circular Keratotomy, Queratomileusis in situ (KITIS), Queratofaquia, automated lamellar Keratoplastia and finally the Lasik and Lasek.


Intra-stroma (Lasik), correction with sub epithelial laser (Lasek), intra-stroma rings.

Our Clinic was the first to have the laser specialized in ophthalmology in the city of Medellin.

Due to the great acceptance and trajectory in this field, our clinic created an International Center for Refractive Surgery (Lasik Visual Center) to promote the study and treatment of myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia and presbyopia in and out of the country, using the latest technology such as the Excimer  Laser.

With these technology the treatment in the personalized correction of vision refractive defects has been revolutionized through what is known as personalized ablation.  (Wave front).


94% of the patients achieve visual sharpness better than 20/40 (50%).  This is sufficient to drive without eye glasses or lenses.

Vision will be discreetly blurry for some days, and 99% of the patients can become active in 2 or 3 days.

The amount of diopters that can be corrected depends on the thickness of the cornea, the greater the thickness of the cornea, the greater the number of diopters, at less thickness lesser the number of diopters.

The correction of myopia greater than 14 diopters and with a thin corneal thickness requires the implant of lenses in the anterior camera with support in the camelular angle or in the posterior third of the iris stroma.  The latest generation in intra ocular lenses is inserted behind the iris through a small incision in the cornea.  Another type of refractive surgery is the aspiration of the contents of the transparent crystalline in order to later implant a flexible lens inside the same through an incision of only 3 millimeters in the cornea.


This is the latest and most sophisticated surgical method in the correction of advanced and moderate myopias.

Hundreds of thousands of persons with myopia or myopic astigmatism have been operated with this method since its beginning in 1987.  The procedure is accepted by the sanitary regulations in more than 45 countries around the world.

If you have waited for an alternative to reduce the use or eliminate your eye glasses or contact lenses, discover the possibility of carrying it out with the Excimer laser


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